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Mechanical Keys to Pitching Faster –

Do you want to increase your pitching speed by 5 to 10 mph? All pitchers love the feeling of striking out the batter. Throwing strike three can provide a very satisfying feeling. If you want to know pitch faster in baseball then these keys to pitching velocity should help you reach your goals. These 3 keys to pitching velocity are very important but must be understood for you to apply them properly. Many fine baseball coaches, may tend to be rather “old school” and not teach these techniques to their players. In fact to master these keys to pitching velocity may require a bit of “out of the box” thinking.

The first thing to understand is that your throwing mechanics can make all the difference in your pitching performance. The proper execution of the explosive movement of throwing the pitch requires exact timing of specific moves by almost the entire body. As with so many athletic activities proper timing is vital to good execution. Here are the vital keys to proper pitching mechanics.

1.Triple Leg Extension – This is referring to the drive leg push off. This needs to be performed properly and at the right moment. The Triple Extension principle is defined as the extending of the ankle joint, along with the knee joint and also the hip flexor. Just as when you jump, you are extending or pushing off by rotating with three joints, the ankle, the knee and the hip. These steps are required as the beginning phase of creating velocity. If carried out properly this technique can boost your velocity by 4-5 mph.

2.Ideal Shoulder to Hip Separation – This key to pitching velocity is the most difficult to master of all these points. It’s also what sets apart higher speed pitchers from minimal velocity pitchers. The simple explanation is that you want to be starting your rear leg drive and hip rotation at the same time you have extended your arm back to throw. This increases the separation between the shoulder (moving back) and the hips which are going to rotate. What makes it so difficult is that the upper part of the body has to execute in one manner while the lower portion is doing something very different. Many younger pitchers do not possess this co-ordination and it takes practice to develop. Test it the very next time you’re throwing and you may experience how clumsy it can be when you first attempt it. You can see this by pushing with your drive leg and simultaneously cocking your throwing arm back. This is what you need to do to build up your core torque prior to releasing the ball.. Using this torque technique will both allow you to generate greater velocity it will decrease the chance of arm and shoulder injury. Again, it is a matter of timing. You need to have your leg drive and hip rotation taking place prior to the arm acceleration phase. By activating your largest and strongest muscles it will provide tremendous assistance to your arm as you throw the pitch.

3. 180 Degree Arm Rotation – This full arm rotation is the actual arm movement from behind you to follow through. Until the other two keys, triple extension and hip to shoulder separation are developed this portion of the movement does not have to be emphasized. After you have perfected the mechanics of your motion to have the ideal separation between rotating your hips prior to rotating the throwing shoulder forward. You need to combine that with the triple extension push off that use lower leg and upper leg muscles along with hip rotation. The combination of the leg drive timed properly with the hip rotation will allow the arm to accelerate tremendously. These mechanical points will then assist the arm in its path from being extended behind you to completing the follow through (approximately 180 degrees). Obviously the release point needs to be timed to exact moment to maximize force imparted on the ball and have good control.

By understanding and applying these keys to pitch faster you should be able to make a significant increase in your throwing velocity. It will take some practice but it is the real key to throwing faster pitches!

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