Learn the Hitting Mechanics of the Legendary Ted Williams!

Mike Epstein former Major League Baseball slugger teaches you step-by-step the mechanics of the big league swing in his revolutionary 2 hour videotape set. Mike reveals how players of moderate size can hit with effortless power using the rotational hitting technique!

The concepts of the rotational swing apply to all levels of play, from Little League through high school and college into professional baseball. Mike Epstein breaks the swing down into simple parts and teaches you how to achieve the swing with powerful results.

Mike Epstein will teach through instruction, demonstration, and drills the Rotational Hitting technique to

  • Discover the secret of Torque for generating big league bat speed and power.
  • Learn the proper use of the large muscles of the legs and lower body.
  • Find the natural swing that matches the plane of the swing to the plane of the pitch.
  • Keep your hands inside the ball to ensure bat speed and expand the contact zone.

Develop dynamic balance from stance through follow-through.
The tapes are suited not only for players but also for coaches and parents, who are teaching hitting.