Mike Epstein Hitting Videotape

If you are serious about getting to the next level, or serious about teaching your players to reach their potential, then this 2 hour videotape set is for you!

Do we teach what we really see, or do we teach what we were taught? Hitting has changed dramatically over the past five years. Colleges and high schools must now use minus 3” bats (essentially a wood bat), which dramatically decreases bat speed and power. Will this be any different for you or your players?

Mike Epstein is one of the brilliant hitting instructors in the game today. A nine-year major leaguer, mentored by Ted Williams, Mike breaks down the major league swing into simple parts and teaches you how to achieve the swing and with powerful results.

Learn the Mechanics of the Rotational Swing

Discover how the Angle of Torque is crucial to bat speed and power. Mike shows you step by step how the hips lead the hands through the swing. He teaches how to match the plane of the swing to the plane of the pitch, expanding the good contact zone from 3” to 30”.

In Tape 1, Mike uses frame-by-frame video to illustrate out critical points from stance through follow-through. Torque and its importance is clearly shown. In Tape 2, Mike demonstrates his proprietary drills for teaching the hitter to achieve the same hitting positions shown in Tape 1.

Repeated viewing will help the player emulate the hitting mechanics of 95% of baseball’s hall of fame, including every player on this years all-star team.